Dec 26, 2016

The Dreamer by E.J. Mellow

The Dreamer 

E.J.  Mellow
Dreamland #1
May 14, 2015

Publisher:  Four Eyed Owl

It’s night. Always night. Dreams guard against the evil forged by nightmares. Infinite shooting stars illuminate a moonless sky. A city stands alone, surrounded by a darkened field. On its fringes, a man watches one star separate from the masses and fall. What survives the crash will unveil a secret centuries long hidden.

Molly hasn’t slept well since the night of her twenty-fourth birthday. Being struck by lightning might have something to do with it, but then again, her chicken did look a little undercooked at dinner. Whatever the culprit, her life quickly catapults from mundane to insane as, night after night, Molly is transported through her once dreamless sleep to a mysterious land illuminated by shooting stars.

There she meets the captivating but frustrating Dev, and together they discover Molly possesses a power coveted by his people—the ability to conjure almost anything she desires into existence. Seduced by the possibilities of this gift, Molly shifts her attention from waking life toward the man, the magic, and the world found in her dreams.

But Molly must ask herself—does something truly exist if you only see it when you close your eyes?

Faced with the threat of losing everything—her job, best friend, boyfriend, and most importantly, that little thing called her sanity—Molly will learn just how far she’ll go to uncover what is real and what is merely a figment of her imagination.




I saw the cover of the third book on Goodreads and was intrigued. It was just so beautiful. Once I discovered it was the third book in the series, I jumped back to book one. After reading the synopsis, I NEEDED to read it. So I did.

It was really good. I enjoyed reading it. There were definitely some points where I was starting to loose interest, but just as soon as that happened, there was a plot twist pulling me back in making me wonder where in the world this story is going.

This book has almost everything I needed in a book right now. The main character is 24, so it is classified as a new adult book. There is also a dash of romance with a super good looking dude that has been around for about 140 years (no, it's not a vampire book - just read it, it's so unique), friendship, fantasy, and adventure.

The most disappointing part was the ending because it was such a cliff hanger. It took the entire book to build to that point and then bam! It's over and you have to start the next one. Thank goodness I already purchased and downloaded books two and three before the power went out so I would have something to do.

As I type this, we are currently having an ice storm and there is about three plus inches of ice coating everything. Trees have snapped in half, trees are bend over not snapped in half yet. I bet it will be beautiful in the morning. And the power probably won't be back on until later tomorrow afternoon because that is how North Dakota rolls.

Anyway, back to the book.

Four stars! If you are looking for a good unique read, this one would be worth picking up.

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