Nov 25, 2014

Book Review: Carnelian


Chalcedony Chronicles #1
B. Kritin McMichael
Publication:  February 1, 2014 by Lexia Press
Book re

Everyone has a past, but for most it isn’t as long ago as Seth Sangre. His past is literally thousands of years ago. Seth’s life led him to the present seeking something that might help him save his country from destruction. He has been in the present for over three years now and just found exactly what he has been looking for.

Mari had dreams that college will be a fresh start, one where she would start over and not fall for the good looking player like high school. Unfortunately for her, that’s exactly what ends up falling into her lap on the first day she moves into the dorms. Now she has to hold to her promise to herself and not fall for the handsome Seth. But he doesn’t plan to make it easy for her. Seth has already marked her as his next conquest. As the semester progresses, Mari learns that Seth might just have a life of his own that’s actually from the past. Suddenly Mari finds her future along with her past put into question. She’s connected to Seth far more than she ever wanted to be and maybe the player isn’t who she thought he was. If Mari can trust her heart enough to follow him, Seth will lead Mari on an adventure of a lifetime and reveal family secrets she never knew existed.

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The author contacted me back in February to see if I would be interested in reviewing her new book. I am so very sorry it took me so long to read it. I was going through a lot of personal stuff this year, and reading fell to the side.

I think what really drew me in when deciding whether or not to say yes to the review was the book trailer. OHMYGOD, I have never ever seen art so cool before. I literally watched it a gajillion times, and then some more. It is just so damn cool. In fact, here, stop reading the review and watch it. Do it. Do it now.

While typing this review, I seriously watched it at least three more times. It is that cool and the music is that cool too!

So the book starts off with the main character heading to college in northern Minnesota. Why? Why would you do that? I regret staying in North Dakota for school, it's too damn cold. And northern Minnesota, while it is absolutely gorgeous and has outstanding geology, is also too damn cold. 

Coldness of this northern corridor here aside, a dude falls into her lap while he's asleep. What?? But this is not just any dude, he is underwear model material. Why can't an underwear model type guy fall into my lap while he's asleep?  

Maybe they were in the witness protection program because they were aliens. 

My first and only thought when I read that line was Daemon. And the main guy's name being Seth is definitely distracting.

Aliens and Daemon and Seth daydreaming aside, I really enjoyed this book. I found myself smiling and even giggling at some parts. And then I quickly looked around to make sure no one had saw that smile or heard that slight giggle. 

I was around halfway through the book and in all honesty, I was starting to get bored with it since it was still trivial college stuff happening to the MC. Finally, we got some answers and stuff started happening! 

Onto the writing. I definitely feel like the writing could have been more developed. I would have sent it through a few more rounds of editing, having different people look at it every time. The phrasing was a bit awkward in some parts and that did slow the reading a lot. 

All in all, it was a very interesting concept and it sounded like a great idea for a novel. However, the plot took waaaayyyyy too long to develop and at page 141 I was bored and didn't want to read it anymore.

I did not finish this book, so it will get zero stars since I feel it is unfair to rate books that I didn't finish reading. 

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